Why Migrate from Time and Billing Standard to Time and Billing Professional?

Are you a Time and Billing Standard customer and wondering why you would want to migrate to Time and Billing Professional? Like Time and Billing Standard, Time and Billing Professional is a fully integrated and embedded module for Sage 100cloud/Sage 100. Both solutions provide a powerful tools for professional services companies to bill their clients for time and expenses. However, Time and Billing Professional provides additional powerful advantages:

Sage 100 A/R Integration

Time and Billing Professional is fully integrated with the Sage 100 Accounts Receivable module. The clients you enter in Time and Billing Professional are automatically created in Sage 100 Accounts Receivable eliminating repetitive data entry and providing a comprehensive view of each customer’s services and product revenue. Conversely, clients setup in Sage 100 Accounts Receivable are excluded from Time and Billing Professional ensuring services are never incorrectly recorded/billed to non-Time and Billing Professional clients.

Credit Memo Support

Time and Billing Professional supports Credit Memos allowing you to easily adjust invoices already sent to your clients. To make these same adjustments in Time and Billing Standard, users needed to create and bill negative WIP in the amount of the original invoice, then enter and bill WIP for the proper amount. Credit Memos not only save Time and Billing Professional users time adjusting client invoices but provide a clear audit trail for the billing adjustments.

Accounts Receivable Divisions

Time and Billing Professional provides full support for Accounts Receivable Divisions so you can easily organize your clients into divisions, departments, branches, profit centers, etc. With Accounts Receivable Division support, you gain better insight into the division performance with comprehensive reporting that includes product revenue from Sage 100cloud/Sage 100 and services revenue from Time and Billing Professional.

Cash Receipts

With Time and Billing Professional, users can record Cash Receipts in Sage 100cloud/Sage 100 Accounts Receivable and apply them to open services invoices. Time and Billing Professional users can apply these cash payments to client retainer accounts, making retainer replenishment easy.