Analyze Your Time and Billing Profitability with Time and Billing Intelligence – Simple to Use and Fast to Set Up


Are you a professional services firm that tracks time and billing in Sage 100cloud / Sage 100? Do you have a strong time tracking solution (like Timekeeper) and a flexible time and expense billing solution (like Time and Billing Professional)? Have you been looking for a robust, customizable analytics tool you can use to gain insight into your time and billing profitability?

If so, we have great news: Time and Billing Intelligence (TBi) is now available, the solution that seamlessly integrates with Sage 100cloud / Sage 100 and the Time and Billing Solutions portfolio to bring you full, crystal-clear visibility into your time and billing practices company wide.

Thank goodness!

What Is Time and Billing Intelligence?

Time and Billing Intelligence (TBi) builds on the capabilities of Time and Billing Professional and Time and Billing Standard, providing a robust, flexible, and customizable business analytics tool for professional services firms managing their businesses with Sage 100cloud / Sage 100.

Using TBi, business owners, project managers, practice managers, and other leaders can gain deep insight into the status and backlog of projects and employees, so your company can deliver better, faster service with less administrative work.

How Can Time and Billing Intelligence Help?

Time and Billing Intelligence was specifically designed to meet the needs of busy services companies by helping them:

  • Better manage engagements

With full insight into project status, including percentage complete, recent activity, project budget remaining, budgets to actual overviews, backlogs, and even important project files – your supervisory staff will have the power to manage their teams’ time and scheduling so you can ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget all the time.

  • Better manage employees

Sometimes projects move slowly… sometimes employees move slowly. Unfortunately, a single slow employee can hold back your entire team. TBi helps managers view employee backlogs, current and recent tasks, WIP, and top revenue-generating sources for individuals and the whole team, so you can allocate resources and hire new employees when needed.

  • Better service clients

How often have you agreed to additional work or changes from a client, then gotten off the phone and realized that the client has multiple overdue invoices spanning back for months? With the full, 360-degree integration of Time and Billing Intelligence, you’ll always have comprehensive visibility into client requirements and your own, as well as your WIP, so you can meet client needs confidently and appropriately.

  • Better support business growth

This is where Time and Billing Intelligence truly shines. Every business has different goals and objectives, which means that every business has something different they need to track to ensure they’re on target with their goals. TBi provides a full-fledged dashboard designer that helps you build completely customized dashboards that integrate data from within our Time and Billing Solutions, Sage 100cloud / Sage 100, other Time and Billing Solution enhancements, and even external databases. Not interested in DIY dashboards? The Time and Billing team is also happy to help you build any dashboard you need.

In addition to customizable dashboards, Time and Billing Intelligence also provides:

  • Easy-to-use drill downs
  • Flexible pivot tables
  • Simple Excel export

Supervisors can access all these tools and more from right within the solution.

Best of all, Time and Billing Intelligence is fast and easy to set up, with wizards and automated data population that get you “in the know” at record speed.

Imagine: If you had full insight into your time and billing practices and profitability this month, how could you use that data?

Find out.


Contact the Time and Billing experts at SWK Technologies to get answers and request your demo of the all-new Time and Billing Intelligence.